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Case Study and Testemonials

CASE STUDY 1: Maid, Sugandha Ojha

In my old job, I used to get sever backaches due to sitting in one position for long hours in a factory and I used to fall sick very often. All these efforts were not worth the low salary and long hours. With Maid in India, I now work as a domestic worker with very good employers and a 24 hour job which has in turn helped me with a place to live in and all my meals are covered. Whatever I earn I can save for my daughter and myself. I send all the money I earn to my daughter. I have become very independent and confident now. I am planning to bring my daughter from my village. I can now keep her with me as I earn well enough.

CASE STUDY 2: Maid, Samiksha Jadhav

I used to work as a teacher in a municipal school in Parel, Mumbai for six years, but the payment was too low and I was going through major financial troubles. I have four kids and couldn’t make ends meet with the meager salary. With Maid in India, my life turned around. I feel very confident as I am independent and can educate my children well. I put 2 kids in school. I never knew that I could save so much money. MII has helped me invest in a Life Insurance policy and this helps me save for my and my kids’ future. I live without stress, as if I take a leave from my job they provide the employer with a replacement so I am not worried about losing my job. I have job security and all my problems are solved.

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